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Mad Veteran Project Is Aimed At Addressing Metal Illness In The Homeless Community

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Help Support A Veteran Because He Wants To Make Things A Little Better For Those Who Have Nothing.

Meet EHS

I’m going to introduce myself, my name is Jon, and I have a story to tell, but since you and I aren’t face to face and don't know each other well enough I’ll tell my story through my art. A few things you should know about me; I spent close to ten years in the army, I have a few deployments under my belt and more than a few scars as a result. I am born and raised in New York City and was homeless here. Something else you should know I also have two kids, (you may see them in my art too); they brought me back from the brink of madness, it has been a journey visiting the darkest regions of the human condition.

My story is one spanning a lifetime and walks a road many walk, but few talk about. I’m here to share that with you in an abstract sort of way.

If you have known pain, suffering, joy, and hope; It’s my hope that my work speaks to you; if it does buy it, wear it and post a picture, and tell me about it.

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I firmly believe that one of the basic issues in our culture is that we don't listen to each other anymore, and we understand even less. So let's sit down at the metaphorical table and let's have a beer.

EHS is sponsoring “The Mad Veteran Project”