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Meet EHS

Hi, I’m Jon, and I have a story to tell. Told in strokes of a pen creating images or words, this story has been lived by the beat of my feet on the road. It is a road well walked, but seldom talked about. I’m here to share those unspoken words with you through the art it has inspired. 

It has been a journey visiting the darkest regions of the human condition.  From the Iraqi desert as a soldier to the streets of New York as a homeless vet; this story may be mine but you may come to see yourself in it. If you have known pain, suffering, joy and hope, it’s my hope that my work speaks to you. If it does- buy it, wear it, post a picture and tell me all about it. 

The more we listen to each other’s stories, the more we will understand each other, and ourselves. So let’s sit down at the metaphorical table and have a beer. 

For my two children, (look for them in my art) who have brought me back from the brink of madness, and helped me to come to this table with you, cheers!

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